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Video Marketing - Video Optimization - Video Submission

Did you know the #2 Search Engine today is

Online video is how more and more consumers are viewing their web content today. In fact, more videos are watched on video distribution sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Yahoo Video and others, than searches are performed on Google.

Get Video Clicks Now

Video marketing provides companies with a tremendous opportunity to promote their products and services in video format, while increasing their online exposure and helping them boost search engine rankings.

The New York Design Group provides a complete video marketing and video submission service that can help your company tag, optimize and distribute your video content across the web. We have compiled a database of the top video submission and distribution sites and have extensive experience optimizing video content for maximum exposure.

The video marketing and video SEO package includes:

  1. Submitting online videos to the leading video distribution sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Yahoo Video and more
  2. Creating website profiles for companies on the video distribution sites
  3. Tagging video content to include the proper keywords for search engine placement
  4. Copywriting keyword-rich video titles and descriptions for maximum exposure and video clicks
  5. Encouraging user generated comments and reviews

Build keyword search traffic using a unique, branded web video.

The New York Design Group can also create the video content for your company, including Flash video, Video tutorials, video media kits and more. We can produce an online mini-mercial for your company that will generate higher search results and increased exposure. Your web video can help provide top placement in targeted keyword searches.

We can produce a mini commercial that highlights your company's products or services and submit your web video to the leading search engines, including Google Video, YouTube and more. Your mini-mercial can also be embedded into your website or featured in your Local Listing Profiles for additional exposure.

If you already have a web video that you would like to use, we can help you integrate your video into your online marketing strategy, so you get (1) better search engine rankings, (2) an edge over your competition, and (3) more online exposure.

Video Tagging and Targeting

The New York Design Group will tag your video with targeted keywords and submit your video to over 30 major video search sites. Your video can help build quality incoming links to your website which helps boost your SEO rankings as well as delivering quality traffic to your website.

For more information about our services, please call 1-631-867-2480 .