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Social Media Marketing

Marketing used to be different – a lot different. Today, brands are faced with a myriad of opportunities for reaching customers online; and, while the social landscape can be daunting, it holds a world of opportunities for connecting with consumers in deeper and more meaningful ways.

To help guide marketers during this exciting time of transition, we’ve published the Social Marketing Playbook. Our comprehensive strategic report aims to help marketers evaluate the opportunities available, determine which ones are best for their brands and develop a strategy following best practices for achieving success in social media.

The goals of the Playbook are to:

  • Provide a framework for establishing a set of clear objectives and strategy when approaching social marketing
  • Move beyond the checklist approach and offer a filter for evaluating the myriad opportunities and platforms
  • Encourage thinking of social marketing as an opportunity to have a continuous, valuable exchange with customers
  • Advance discussions on amplifying marketing results through the integration of social marketing and offline campaigns

The Web offers endless ways for people to create, consume and share information online today. Social media has been a driving force behind the shift in media creation and consumption habits, giving more power to the consumer to customize their information however, wherever and whenever they want it. As media consumption habits continue to rapidly evolve, knowledge and real-time intelligence of the social landscape – and how your audience is interacting with it – is critical.

A successful foundation for a social marketing program can be established by gathering an intimate understanding of your audience, how they engage across the social landscape, what they are saying about your brand and how your competition is utilizing social marketing. This can be achieved by actively listening, watching, gathering and learning from the online landscape before diving in.

Strategic development starts with setting clear objectives. Goal setting for your social marketing program should be no different than with any other brand communications plan. The goals that work best are traditional brand-health objectives (e.g. to increase overall awareness, favorability or purchase intent) or goals that are campaign-specific (e.g. to increase the number of brand advocates or fuel passalong). However, the full potential of social marketing is realized through continuity programs rather than flighted campaigns.

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