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Welcome to The New York Design Group

Present with Power Point

You are looking for support to create your PowerPoint presentation in high quality and at attractive rates? Power Presentations Creative Services has the solution for your business: Our aim is to simplify the PowerPoint design and slide creation process for you.

We have a large, highly focused PowerPoint presentation unit which is focused on working with US and European clients to produce powerful, convincing PowerPoint presentations based on handwritten or electronic notes as well as enhancing existing PowerPoint presentations (animation, reformatting etc.). Our PowerPoint presentation team is skilled to work on every part of the PowerPoint presentation value chain from design / composition to color management and page layout and are leveraging the best software tools in industry to ensure that your job exceeds your requirements and expectations.

The end result: a “killer presentation” that combines easy-to-follow content organization, exceptional graphics in line with your corporate design, highly readable and well arranged text as well as crowd-pleasing animation.

Not only do we work according to the highest quality standards in industry (in fact our business unit is a spin-off of McKinsey's graphic team, which is synonymous with the highest quality standards when it comes to PowerPoint presentation design) but also do we offer attractive rates to our clients allowing them to participate in the benefits of offshoring work to a lower cost destination.

Furthermore our clients enjoy an increase in efficiency since our PowerPoint presentations team works during night so that our clients can send us the work before they leave the office in the evening and they will find their ready PowerPoint presentations on their email when they come to the office the next morning.

Do not hesitate any longer - contact us today in order to investigate about our exceptional PowerPoint presentation services – our Powerpoint designers will give your audience and unforgettable experience and you can take the credit!

Power Presentations Creative services is a business unit of Outsource Professional Services, a leading international outsourcing solution provider.

Customer Service representatives are available to answer your questions 631-922-1287. Monday thru Friday 9AM until 12 Midnight eastern time and 9AM until 6PM on Saturday.

For more information about our services, please call 1-631-867-2480 .