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Welcome to The New York Design Group

Montage Creation >>> Allow Us To Print Your Project!

A photo speaks a thousand words. Indeed, everyone appreciates a well taken photo as it captures the objects, the expressions, and the beauty and significance of that moment eternally. How wonderful it would be if the photographs were to come alive! The photos would speak even greater volumes then!

This is what The New York Design Group strives to do. Using digital technology, The New York Design Group strives to make your precious moments come alive in a photomontage. Coupled with special transition effects and your favorite music sound tracks, the whole experience of enjoying photos is taken to a higher level. The precious moments you have (weddings, birthday celebrations, graduations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, special anniversaries, family outings, holiday trips, etc.) would be forever imprinted into timeless wonderful memories. These montages would make great gifts for your loved ones!

Do come on in and enjoy the portfolios we have created. We will be happy to serve you in this meaningful montage creation.

Online Downloading of Completed Montages in HD Format for Overseas Clients (We understand that if we mail the DVD disc to our overseas clients, complications may arise such as mail delays and broken discs. As such, we provide the option of online downloading of completed montages to our overseas clients.)

Customer Service representatives are available to answer your questions 212-971-5353. Monday thru Friday 9AM until 12 Midnight eastern time and 9AM until 6PM on Saturday.

Wedding Picture Montage Slideshows Packages and Pricing

You've seen them at your friend's weddings, now you can have a DVD slideshow of your "growing up", engagement photographs and other special moments for your wedding day.

Check out our Wedding Slideshow Examples Page

Get 10% off the normal price of our montages if we do your Wedding Video

Our Photo Montage Slideshows aren't your average reception slideshow of just one picture after another. We like to spice your slideshow up by panning, zooming, and slightly spinning your pictures! See examples of our photo montages. You pick the pictures you want and the songs you want (most people fill up 2 CDs). For an added bonus, hook the sound of the TV up to some larger speakers and you have a "Virtual D. J." Save a few of your photo allotment (or add extra, they're a dollar each) so you can add photos from the wedding, reception and/or honeymoon.

The New York Design Group Montage Creation
Package Images Price
Wedding Slideshow Montage A Up to 80 images $130
Wedding Slideshow Montage B Up to 100 images $150
Wedding Slideshow Montage C Up to 160 images $210
Wedding Slideshow Montage D Up to 200 images $250
Wedding Slideshow Montage E Up to 240 images $290
Wedding Slideshow Montage F Up to 280 images $330
The New York Design Group Montage Creation

If you need to add additional images to your slideshow, they're just a dollar each.

You get one DVD for your reception and if you add images from the wedding, reception and/or honeymoon we will give you a new DVD with the additional images. Extra DVD copies are just $6.

We will ship to any part of the United States, so even if you are far from us, you can still get the highest quality photo slideshow for your wedding.

We upload all finished slideshows to Google's Video service so you can watch it from any computer with an internet connection - there's no charge for this and unless Google runs out of money (not likely) your slideshow should remain up indefinitely. The videos on our example page are hosted this way.

How it works:

100 images runs just over 11 minutes and so forth. You will need to provide the images you want along with music - you don’t need to be exact in time and if in doubt: provide too much music =). Images can be actual photographic prints (which we will scan) or digital images. Please number the images on the back indicating the order you want them in & rename the digital images according to order - you can mix and match digital and regular pictures in any order you would like. Digital images can be sent on a CD or thumb drive. Music can be sent on a music CD or as MP3 music files (iTunes Music store files cannot be opened on computers other than your own and will not work).

We need to know if you want any specific titles overlaying parts of your slideshow. You’ll have the opportunity to review the slideshow online and add them but it’s easier if I know what you’d like at the outset.

Check out our Wedding Picture Montage Slideshow Video Examples Page

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