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Welcome to The New York Design Group

Design with Impact >>> Create an Impression that Lasts

The New York Design Group creates engaging and strategic design that results in lasting relationships between you and your customers. We offer full service design, including brochures, newsletters, folders, postcards, business cards, press kits and more.

We take a strategic and passionate approach to designing effective communications for your company. Whether you are in need of a new look or just getting started with your business, we can create an image that works for you.

Design With Purpose.

We create meaningful messages that engage your customers. Through focused strategy and creativity, we create solutions that stand out and stand for something.

For more information about our services, please call 1-631-867-2480.

Brand Strategy Company
Is a branding strategy important to you? It should be! The perceptions your potential customers have regarding your company and offerings are vitally important to your business success. The NY Design Group helps you determine which brand positioning and branding strategy you should pursue to ensure the highest revenue potential.

We analyze your market and competitive landscape, and identify your comparative strengths and weaknesses to determine the positioning approach that’s right for you. Next we ensure your messaging is closely aligned with the established positioning and branding strategy. The NY Design Group creates messaging that clearly communicates your value proposition to the needs of your targeted audience.

A branding strategy is an important component of any positioning strategy. The NY Design Group helps establish the brand recognition you need to stand out from your competition. Our corporate branding strategy ensures your company develops a strong, reliable image that increases sales and builds customer loyalty. As a part of building a brand, we study the current state of the market, and how you are viewed within that space. Additionally, we research market design standards and analyze your competition in order to help you define a winning brand.

The NY Design Group delivers comprehensive messaging aligned with a strong positioning and branding strategy to build the brand equity you're seeking.

Campaign Development & Go-To-Market Planning
Successfully executing on your marketing strategy requires an astute go-to-market plan to generate quality leads that produce the desired return on your investment. Effective campaigns help differentiate yourself to your targeted market, and give you the competitive advantage required to win greater market share.

Depending on your specific needs, our contribution ranges from outlining the tactical steps to be followed, to complete turnkey management and execution of your campaigns. Whether you need operations assistance with online marketing, or comprehensive product/service launch planning, we can customize the right solution. We also create the right plan of action for your Public Relations requirements to augment your marketing campaign efforts and build strong relationships with industry experts.

The NY Design Group’s focus is on making sure you get the most out of your marketing spend to make certain every dollar spent is a strong contribution to your bottom line.

Is there a difference between a Branding Strategy and a Marketing Strategy…A BIG difference…
Many executives and marketing professionals often confuse a branding strategy, marketing strategy and marketing communications strategy. BIG has developed a quick scenario to showcase the difference between branding strategy and marketing strategy.

Brandy is the print buyer at Google. Brandy has many key relationships with quality printers, as he must maintain the Google standards.

Brandy has been working on the Google annual report for the last 3 months. It is the showcase piece that Google puts out to its shareholders, suppliers, clients and prospects.

What We Know…
Printing is extremely price competitive and is often looked at as a commodity. The annual report will be a very costly proposition, as Google will print a large supply of its premier piece. On the other hand, the Google brand is extremely well known and trusted for its quality. In surveys it always rated as the number 1 or 2 beverage.

Brandy Does What She Does… Brandy bids the printing directly to his top 3 printers that can handle the job. Printers he has worked with for years and that he can trust with this high visibility piece. A few moments after faxing out the bid requests Brandy receives a special delivery package. The package is well designed and says “Open For Immediate Savings”. Brandy opens the package and inside is a letter and some printed samples of annual reports. The letter says “The Annual Report Printers”, your only choice for annual report printing. Any work ordered this week will receive a 15% discount on any annual report printed. But Brandy has never worked with this printer before. A 15% discount is a tremendous savings in printing costs and the printer had the same equipment to do the printing as the current suppliers he’s used for years.

What To Do?
So what would you do? B2B marketers often analyze their strategies in logical terms. The printer who sent the package assumed, all specs being equal, that price would compel the print buyer into placing an order today.

Truth be told that people who make critical, high visibility decisions often seek a level of security (trust) that outweighs all the other buying factors. This concept uses emotions as a device in the decision making process. Essentially fear of failure and the unknown can drive Brandy to use the more trusted, expensive printer. In the end, would the lower price (and likely increased savings) outweigh the damage caused by the new printer for not delivering on time or at a lower quality than the proven supplier? Also consider the money saved would only be one part of the total print job, weighing against the brand of Google.

Consider that Brandy’s trusted suppliers didn’t even market to Brandy at the time of his decision. It was the brand relationship that drove Brandy’s decision. When Brandy’s trusted suppliers do market to him, Brandy devotes real focus to them, welcomes them as credible information and truly considers them as viable options. This is because over the years, the supplier has built a brand relationship of trust and credibility with Brandy by providing real business solutions that have proven their value.

Despite the tendency for modern marketing professionals to lump branding and marketing into the same breath, one must remember that the results of marketing programs are highly influenced by a brands strength.

Brand Communications Hierarchy
Branding Strategy
Brand Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Programs

In short, a brand is a customer relationship that is defined by all the experiences, messages, promises and performance/quality associated with it. Marketing on the other hand is the deployment of strategic programs based on business objectives. Strong brands enhance the results of marketing programs.

It’s important to position marketing communications programs as a subset of marketing strategy, which itself is driven by overreaching branding strategy. Carefully structured, consistent brand messaging is the thread that connects all levels. This brand messaging should be the springboard for all other programs and promotions.

Building your brand image can improve the results of all your marketing programs. Results such as improved lead conversion ratios and higher margins are common when delivered in the context of a consistent, integrated brand-building program.